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Engagement Session 101



What is an Engagement Session?

An Engagement Session is two hours of photography that documents the relationship of two people who are starting a new life as one. The idea is for you guys go out, have fun, be creative and have an incredible date together.



Engagement Sessions are important

  • This will likely be the only time you have a professional photographer document your life
  • It documents the relationship that leads to new life, two becoming one
  • Breaking the ice with your photographer, having some serious fun
  • Learning about each other, and how to work together before the wedding
  • The best opportunity to learn how to be photographed professionally before the big day
  • Learn all kinds of on hands experience how to make the most of every moment in front of the camera
  • Teaching brides all the angles & tricks
  • Teaching the guys to own it in front of the camera
  • Learning to always be natural & comfortable with who you are

If you don’t have regular experience of one or more professional photographers snapping away like a machine gun inches from your face, the experience can be a little intimidating. An engagement session makes all the difference. When we walk into your dressing room on the day of your wedding, we’re already seasoned pros behind the camera, and old friends.





Your style of photography

Here are some examples to help us identify the tone & feel for your shoot

  • fun
  • deep
  • affectionate
  • formal
  • modern
  • elegant
  • country chic
  • classic
  • organic
  • fashion
  • edgy
  • colorful
  • black & white
  • scenic
  • urban
  • and of course, hipster



This will depend significantly on your style, such as walking hand in hand through a sun kissed field, or trooping through the city for a modern look. Another thing to consider is a location that has significance to you both. It could be the place where you got engaged or a first date. The location could be a place as simple as your home, your favorite restaurant, or maybe the college where you met.




You want to wear something stylish, but the most important thing is to go with something that will be classic & timeless. Stick with solid colors,  layers, options, and accessories. Another fun options is to go shopping before the engagement shoot and find that perfect something for both of you to be immortalized in.



 What to bring

We usually suggest some options with attire, accessories including sunglasses, belts, jewelry, ties, scarves, jackets, etc. Another important item is a blanket that you can use to lay on, something that will photograph well, but not a family heirloom as it will be subjected to various environments. Additionally, anything that is of importance to you individually, or as a couple. If you have a dog, like to read, something you wrote, some of those items might find their place in the shoot. We want to capture your individuality in a way that fits our style of portraiture.



 A number of ways to use the images

There are many ways you can use the images from your engagement shoot. A small album or coffee table box allows you to share these photos with guests. Your engagement images might also be used for “Save the Date” cards, engagement announcements or in your hometown paper. One idea that many couples choose is an engagement portrait or collage. A framed image or multiple framed images from your engagement session is a great way to ad some warmth and personality to your new home. Engagement images also make great gifts for parents and grandparents.



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